This is an old song, sang by our govt to blatantly execute their power using the same chorus: to protect the citizen interest. But that’s not the story we hear and see on telly where crooks walked away from the law easily and the law-abiding-citizen were sentenced years in jail for simply being hungry.

Recently, Indonesia govt released a draft of rules (by Ministry of Communication and Information) related to content creation and distribution. Many feel it as a yet again a govt unreasonable fear of its citizen voice. Govt want to protect common interest by deciding what is correct and what is wrong of a content. A correct content is a content that gives benefit, so they said. Without saying whose benefit it is.

You can read the whole docs here. It’s in Indonesian at the moment. Hopefully someone will translate it to English very soon. Meanwhile I will try to highlight what should have been our concern.

Organizer may not distribute, transmit, and / or make can access to Content that contains loads of action degrading conditions and physical abilities, intellectual, service, skills, and physical and non physical aspect of a party.

If you were following Indonesia internet scene recently, I’m sure you are already familiar with Coin for Prita. Started from a complain on health service issue being posted in newspaper and forum, Prita was jailed. A consumer complaining about a service she received was sent to jail.

When organizer is not allowed to distribute or transmit content than contains degrading condition, intellectual, service, physical and no physical aspect of a party means citizen won’t be able to report the crippled transportation scenes, the slow and expensive internet or other public service issues.

The document is quite lengthy, but it boils down to two important issues:

  1. Govt will be able to punish the publisher
  2. Govt can revoke publisher right of publishing

Those doesn’t differ much from a decade ago scene when some mags were taken down for being vocal to the current govt.

You have a voice, and I urge you to cast that voice against this madness! #TolakRPMKonten


You can also read Onno W Purbo response on the subject

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