To check-in or not to check-in

To check-in or not to check-in

Now that Loopt (dubbed as the father/mother of LBS) has been bought. Gowalla shut down. Who will be the king of LBS? Are those company buying smaller player are hurting the innovation? Talent got acquired but for sure there won’t be any output within a short time. The lean experiments have to be scaled up, to match acquirer massive user base.

The only big players left is Foursquare — are they relieved and clapping? — (and SCVNGR?). And merchants are not really flying it. Remind me again, why this service is so sexy in the first place?

What spice are we missing? Is it the same spice missing in semantic web? Real world value? Have we been using incorrect misleading approach for this problem?

Jot down your doubt (or belief)!

Photo by: Reavel

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