It’s Not File Size That’s Killing iPad (Digital) Magazines

It’s Not File Size That’s Killing iPad (Digital) Magazines


If you’re going to successfully evolve into a new medium you can’t just add gimmicks, you have to substantially upgrade the user experience. If you asked anyone 15 years ago what the future of music looked like they would have told you that it was about fidelity, listening to an album would sound like you were at a concert or in the center of the orchestra pit. But that hasn’t been the case, in fact the overall quality of the music we listen to has gone down. The experience of being able to fit your entire music collection in your pocket, or stream any song to your phone leapfrogged any fidelity improvements other formats like DVD audio could make.

Oh no. Ini bukan artikel orisinil. Ini reblog. Memancing diskusi. Apakah kamu puas dengan majalah digital yang ada sekarang ini? Puas? Baca majalah digital saja jarang? 😀


Beberapa tahun lalu kita heboh dengan e-paper. Kenapa tidak ada yang melahirkan ulang e-paper ya? Tidak ekonomis dibanding versi digital dalam tablet?

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