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Discussing Design & Branding with Yolanda Santosa

Discussing Design & Branding with Yolanda Santosa


Yolanda ‘Yo’ Santosa is an Indonesian born designer, who lives in Los Angeles, California. Since she was a kid, a lot of subjects have failed to interest her, except for art. After graduated from Art Center in 2000, she began working at yU+co designing main titles for projects like 300, Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. She realized that she couldn’t ignore her curiosity in branding, and she finally founded Ferroconcrete in 2006. Pinkberry was her first client, and she got involved in managing all brand and marketing strategies. Throughout her career, she has earned several awards, including 3 consecutive Emmy nominations.

The following is our (quick) email conversation regarding branding and design.

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